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At Carson Roberts, we are suppliers for some of the UK’s leading light manufacturers enabling us to offer you a complete and bespoke design lighting solution for your home or premises.

Lighting can drastically change the look and alter the mood of a room especially during the dark hours of a day. Artificial lighting changes and effects the carefully chosen colour palette of your rooms, therefore its important to get this right.

There are many aspects to good lighting design, and it isn’t all about choosing light fittings or bulbs. For example, you could have your home or property set to automatically turn on the lights as set times of the day or dimming to different levels automatically. You could have the lights turn on automatically in your living room when you hit the pause button on your remote control for the TV! Or perhaps have your lighting controlled instantly by sensors to save energy.

Carson Roberts has a wide range of solutions to suit your needs for both the interior and exterior of your home or property.

We offer an expert design service and will guide you through the design process. 

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